RTP International Culture Exchange Co. LLC (RTP ICE) is a RTP-based company dedicated to offer diversified programs and services to serve exchange needs.

Today's world is becoming increasingly globalized in all aspects. Thus, it becomes more important for our younger generation to better understand and appreciate diverse cultures from around the world. It is our vision that such mutual understanding is critical for our youths to contribute positively to the creation of a better future for the world.

The RTP International Cultural Exchange Co. LLC is dedicated to realizing this vision by offering a number of signature programs designed for students with different backgrounds and interests.

Summer Camps:

Organize Chinese students from China to US for Summer/Winter Camp and vice versa, to experience and learn and at the same time enjoy sightseeing.

2018 RTPICE International Summer Exchange Program  
2017 Chinese American Bilingual Summer Camp
2016 Chinese American Bilingual Summer Camp
2015 Chinese American Bilingual Summer Camp
2014 World Art Appreciation Summer Camp
2013 Chinese American Bilingual Summer Camp
2012 Chinese American Bilingual Summer Camp
2011 Chinese American Bilingual Summer Camp

Study abroad in the United States:

Recruit Chinese Students from China to US to attend HIGH SCHOOL, UNDERGRADUATE or GRADUATE school. We provide consulting and other services to ensure the success of enrollment and coming to US for the Chinese students.

Business Consulting:

Provide consulting service for companies from both countries seeking investment and marketing development overseas.