2011 RTP Bilingual International Summer Camp at Camelot Academy

summercamp Great News!
The 27 students and 4 educators from the coastal Chinese city of Qingdao arrived at Durham on July 24 for the two-week Bilingual International Summer Camp.

This exchange program was organized by RTP ICE and our local school partner, Camelot Academy.

Program Objectives
Todays world is becoming increasingly globalized in all aspects. Thus, it becomes more important for our younger generation to better understand and appreciate diverse cultures from around the world. It is our vision that such mutual understanding is critical for our youths to contribute positively to the creation of a better future for the world.

Host and Share

Chinese students are living American host families. We thank our host families for their generosity and hospitality. To share your stories and experience with the Chinese students, please go to RTP ICE blog.

Camp on Media
-- Link to the Durham Magazine article featuring our program: Camelot Academy Welcomes Chinese Students
-- Link to The Harald Sun article that emphasizes the two-sided cultural immersion: East Meets West

How the Program Works
In this uniquely designed program, the Chinese students learn both English and the American Culture; at the same time, the American students learn Chinese Language and Culture. Certified teachers from China escorting the Chinese students will teach American students Chinese Language and Culture. In other learning and activities, students from both groups will mix together to build up friendship and to learn from each other.


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